Our Process

Request a Quote

After receiving your request for a quote we’ll respond as quickly as possible (normally within 2 business days) and set-up a time to evaluate your project in person to discuss the details.


Together we’ll make a visual inspection of the project area.  We’ll ask you to describe your desired outcome.  We’ll take pictures and measurements to ensure our quote will be as accurate as possible.  If colors have been pre-selected we’ll make a record of those.

This is your time to ask any questions you might have.  If you’re uncertain about products we’ll offer guidance and make recommendations based on your specific needs.  We’ll explain the technical procedures involved with each aspect of your job.  We’ll discuss scheduling, desired timelines and considerations for the needs of your family during the process.

The Quote

Using the information gathered during the evaluation we’ll prepare and deliver the quote as agreed.  It will contain a detailed description of; the scope of work, specifications for each product recommended, the individual tasks associated with preparation, any/all special considerations such as; the handling or covering of furniture or plants, tentative start/finish dates and any family requested block out dates.

Individual line item pricing will be included with; a total project cost, payment schedule and the amount requested for deposit.  Also included; insurances carried, applicable certifications, estimator notes with additional specifics and the MEHP Workmanship Guarantee.

The Contract

After you review the quote for accuracy, you may decide to move forward as is or, request changes or modifications.  Once you finalize your decision to move forward, simply sign the quote as it has all the details needed for a contract including a fixed price cost.  Return it to us along with the required deposit and your project will be scheduled.

Once scheduled, we’ll periodically update you on the actual start date and prior to commencing, we’ll schedule a pre-start meeting to confirm color selections and discuss any additional outstanding details.  Our Project Manager will attend this meeting to ensure continuity and a successful result from start to finish.

Doing the Work

Our crew arrives (in uniform) as scheduled.  Ladders, paint buckets and drop cloths appear as work begins.  The job site will be kept safe and organized, and a professional atmosphere will be maintained at all times.  As the project comes to a close the Project Manager will perform a final inspection.  When he or she is fully satisfied that all surfaces meet or exceed contract specifications you will be invited for the final walk through and the job will be deemed complete.

Job Complete

Upon completion we’ll issue a final invoice for the remaining balance due and ask you to provide a review/testimony of your experience with our company on one of our online listings such as Houzz and Google.